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Checking emails, uploading photos to Facebook, watching funny cat videos on YouTube. Get online with O2 Wifi.

  • Fast - up to 10 times faster than a normal mobile connection
  • Free - no need to eat into your mobile data
  • Easy - once you’re signed up, that’s it. You'll connect automatically whenever you're near one of our hotspots
  • You can get O2 Wifi on your smartphone, tablet or laptop in thousands of locations nationwide - the app will help you to locate the ones closest to you.

How to connect to O2 Wifi

O2 Wifi

Get O2 Wifi

Simply visit one of our thousands of hotspots and look for O2 Wifi in your wifi settings. If you’ve got an Android or Windows Phone device, you can also use our free O2 Wifi app to register wherever you are.

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O2 Wifi

Unlike other wifi hotspots, O2 Wifi is free to use and available to users on all networks. You do, however, have to be over 18 to register and accept our terms and conditions.

You can use O2 Wifi to browse the web, make phone and video calls over the internet and watch online videos. All of these services work better over wifi than a standard 3G or 4G network or web dongle.

Signing up to O2 Wifi

We've made it as straightforward as we can to sign up to O2 Wifi. All you have to do is find any O2 Wifi hotspot and follow these instructions:

For mobile devices

  1. Ensure that your device's wifi is switched on. This can usually be found in the Connection Settings, or in the system settings on your device
  2. Look at the list of available networks in your wifi settings. You should see O2 Wifi on the list – click on that
  3. Open your device's web browser, which should now display the O2 Wifi homepage
  4. Follow the instructions onscreen until you reach the welcome screen. Type in your mobile number and you're good to go

For computers

  1. Check that your computer's wifi is on – most computers have a manual switch or button
  2. Open your computer's list of available networks, and select O2 Wifi from the list
  3. Open your computer's web browser
  4. When you're on the O2 Wifi page, follow the onscreen instructions and navigate to the welcome screen. You'll need your mobile number to complete the registration

Once you've completed these steps, you won't need to do it again. You'll be automatically signed in as soon as you select O2 Wifi from your list of available networks.

The O2 Wifi app

To make connecting to O2 Wifi easier, we've developed a free mobile app. Available for iOS and Android and Windows Phone, the app helps you to find O2 Wifi hotspots. With the app, you can:

  • Register for O2 Wifi, wherever you are in the UK (Android and Windows Phone only)
  • Find and get directions to a nearby Hotspot
  • Manage your settings (and any other wifi devices you have) on O2 Wifi
  • Get answers to any questions you might have
    Adding and removing devices

    You can add up to 5 devices to your O2 Wifi account. Simply visit a hotspot with the device you want to add and then:

    1. select O2 Wifi in your device settings
    2. open your browser and when you reach the sign-up page, type in the mobile number that you signed up with
    3. we will then text a code to your mobile
    4. type the code into your browser, and your new device is ready to go.

    To remove a device you need to set up an account here. Then click Manage my devices and simply select the device you want to remove.

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