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O2 Store & Share

O2 Store & Share

Your subscription

You need to have subscription to use O2 Store & Share. You can do this from our secure management hub using your My O2 details (you can create these if you don’t already have them). Once you’re in, you can choose the best amount of storage for you.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Just go to My Account, click on Cancel offer and follow the instructions. You'll also find a cancel link in all the text and emails we send you about your subscription. And once you've cancelled, we'll make sure that everything you've saved in the cloud is deleted so nothing else can get to it.

Using O2 Store & Share

As soon as you've installed and launched the O2 Store & Share app for the first time, it will automatically upload all the pictures and videos taken on your phone. You can also choose to upload other pictures and videos taken before you installed the app.

You can choose whether you want it sync through wifi only, or if you're ok to use your data to do this - you can do this in your settings from the O2 Store & Share hub. You'll also be able to choose if you want the app to sync automatically or if you want to do it manually.

The O2 Store

You can access the O2 Store & Share Portal from any computer and using any browser. It lets you see everything that you’ve stored as well as:

  • Add new pictures, videos, music, files and more to the cloud.
  • Download anything you’ve saved into cloud onto your computer.
  • Share your stuff onto social sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.) or over email.
  • Import your Google address book and calendar.
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