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Your first bill

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Your first bill

Your first bill

With O2 you will always be billed on the same date every month. If your first bill is a bit more than you expected it’s because it might cover up to 8 weeks of charges, depending on when you set up your account.

When you join O2 we automatically sign you up to My O2 Business, a great tool for keeping an eye on your monthly bills and any recent charges. Look out for an email inviting you to complete your registration and get signed in. You can view a guide on how to complete your registration here.

If you’d prefer to receive your bill automatically by email each month you can set this up on My O2 Business. You only need to set it up once and then you're set for each following month. You can view a guide to show you how to do this from your laptop here.

Are you a Business Essentials customer?

As a Business Essentials customer you have two bills and two direct debits each month.

  1. Airtime Plan - this includes the monthly cost of your data, minutes and texts
  2. Device Plan - the cost of your phone or tablet

You can view your Airtime Bill on My O2 Business, but to view your Device Payments you’ll need to login to the separate Business Essentials Device Portal.

Your direct debits for your device and airtime payments may not be on the same date, but if one is on the 5th and the other on the 7th, these dates should remain the same each month.

Not a Business Essentials customer?

If you've signed up to a non-Business Essentials contract, you’ll see one payment each month and will be able to view this on My O2 Business.

For information about extra charges that might appear on your bill, take a look at our out of bundle charges page.

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