Text messages

As an administrator of an SMB account you can send text messages direct from your Bill analyser in My O2 Business. They’re free to send and you can select lists of recipients (up to 50 at a time) to send a text message to. Sign in to My O2 Business and choose Bill analyser.

Can I send text messages to a distribution list or multiple recipients?


Your message will be distributed to the recipients according to the hierarchy level you've selected. You can also create and send texts to regular distribution lists.

You can send a message to any number of people, so long as their mobile numbers are listed in your account. However, for larger groups the message may be delivered at different times.

How long can my text message be?

Up to 160 characters, including spaces.

Is there any limit to how many messages I can send in a day?

No, you can send as many as you like.

Why has my message failed to send?

If your text won’t send, try again at a later time before reporting it to us. There may have been a problem we were working on.

From where can I send an SMS in My O2 Business?

Sign in to My O2 Business and choose Bill analyser. As an administrator of an SMB account you can send a text from SMS Messenger in the Account management or Reports screens.

How much does it cost to send a text?

All texts you send through My O2 Business SMS Messenger are free.

Can I send a picture message?

Sorry, you can only send text messages through My O2 Business SMS Messenger at the moment.

I can’t send texts from Account management to all the people I've selected. What's wrong?

There’s a known issue with Account management and some subscriptions aren’t correctly recognised. This is a temporary issue that we're planning to fix. In the meantime, try using SMS Messenger from the Reports screen for the same numbers.

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