Plan options & Annual Statements

As a valued O2 customer we’ll always make sure you’re on the best plan for your business. We’ll contact you before the end of your Minimum Period or annually (if you’re out of contract), to let you know about your existing plans, and some options we have available for you. 

Contact us to select one of the options in your notification or to discuss anything else about your business plans.  

Want to know more? Check out our frequently asked questions below.

What is the notification about?

You will receive a notification to tell you that you have subscriptions coming to the end of their Minimum Period, or that you have subscriptions that have been out of contract for 12 months or more.

We will send one notification for subscriptions due out of contract within 31 days of each other, and where you have more than one out of contract subscription at the time the notification is generated.

In the notifications we will list all your active subscriptions and provide you with some options available for your business.  

What happens if I don’t contact to discuss my options?

If you don’t take any action your service(s) will continue as outlined in the notification. 

If the options on your notification have expired and you want to make a change to any of the subscriptions on your account, please contact us

What are the options presented to me?

The plan options we provide in the notifications are based on your existing subscriptions and recent mobile data usage (where applicable). We give you options to help make it easier for you to manage your business account. 

How long will the options be valid for?

The plan options we provide will be valid until the end of your Minimum Period if the subscription is still in contract, or for 30 days from the date of your annual statement.

However, if you want to discuss any options after the notification has expired, please contact us.

To discuss any of the options, or for help, call us free from a UK landline on 0800 977 7337, or free from your O2 mobile on 8002.

If you’re a customer of one of our trusted O2 partners, please call them directly on the number in the notification (next to the partner’s name).

I’ve opted out of marketing preferences, why are you sending this to me?

We’re obliged to send you this notification, which includes plan options, by our regulator, Ofcom. To read more about the regulation, end-of-contract notifications and annual best tariff information, please visit Ofcom’s website.


What if I don’t want any of the options?

That’s fine. We’re not sending you the notification because you have to make a change. We’re letting you know about some of the plans that are available if you do want to make a change.

You can go online, contact us or visit one of our stores to see if there’s another tariff that better suits your business needs. When we notify you, we will let you know what you’re currently paying and what you’ll pay after your Minimum Period ends if you decide not to take any action.

My notification has expired, can I still take an option?

The plans we recommend to you may include promotional tariffs with an expiry date. If your Minimum Period has ended, or your notification has expired, we may not be able to guarantee the exact options we provided you with. Contact us to find out more.

I’m a customer of an O2 partner, who do I contact?

In the first instance, please contact the O2 Partner as per your notification. However, if you’re not sure who to speak to you can always contact us

Are my digital services included within the notifications?

The notifications relate to the business mobile and fixed line services you receive from O2 and exclude recommendations for digital services and any other agreements you may have with us.

These products and services may have different contractual obligations and will continue in line with the existing agreements you have in place.  

What is the difference between the notification O2 has sent me and the Ofcom regulation for end-of-contract-notifications and annual best tariff information?

There is no difference. Please visit Ofcom’s website for more information about the Ofcom regulation.

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