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How business and the workplace is changing

The future of work

Employee expectations of how and where work can be done has been forced to change. Digital workspace programmes that could have previously taken months, even years, to plan and roll-out, have been deployed in weeks.

Roles that have traditionally been office-based have adapted to suit a virtual workplace. And reports from employees show that many have embraced a more virtual way of working and are keen to maintain a more flexible workplace – having seen the benefits and efficiencies that remote working can bring.

We’ve taken a look at the employee and employer viewpoints of workplace transformation. From the positives that have come to light, such as digital dexterity increasing and more time with family, to the tension-points around employee engagement and maintaining a culture of trust and engagement. 

The office of the future looks set to change forever, not just to adhere to current social distancing requirements, but because employees have seen there is a different, and in some cases better way to work. A technology-enabled way to work that allows them to connect, continue learning and do their jobs in a way that suits them better.

Our insight is shared below.


Research: The flexible future of work 

As businesses continue to embrace the cultural shift towards flexible working, is it safe to say this change is permanent? Find out how the “new normal” can bring efficiencies to your business such as cost savings and increased productivity.


The COVID-19 pandemic has seen businesses adopt flexible working at a rapid rate, with more employees working from home than ever before. 

Our research report reveals how employee attitudes towards remote working have strengthened during COVID-19. With many businesses accelerating their digital transformation plans as a result.


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Whitepaper: Business as unusual

The rapid shift to working from home due to COVID-19 created so many uncertainties that it's tough to find the right answers.


Our experts look at some of the biggest issues affecting UK businesses. They reveal the common questions asked by O2 business customers. And offer you practical immediate and longer-term considerations in the whitepaper that you can apply to your business.


Inside, we’ve focused on four areas that matter most to UK businesses: the digital workplace; collaboration; security and connectivity. 


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