Transfer an account

From time to time you may want to transfer ownership of one O2 Business account to another. Or you may want to switch your personal account to a business tariff. In either case, you’ll need to complete a transfer of ownership form.


How do I transfer my account?

Personal to business OR business to business

In order for us to process your request, it’s important for everyone involved to understand what needs to be done in preparation and what information must be provided to ensure the Transfer of Ownership process can complete.

Please take time to look through the following sections before completing and sending off your request.

The existing account holder will need to:

Ensure the account is up to date with all payments.

  • If you’re currently on either an O2 Refresh or Business Essentials Device Plan, the remaining balance must be paid in full before the transfer can start.
  • Download and fill in the transfer of ownership form. This form requires completion by both the existing and new account holders.

Points to note:

  • Any data saved to your device or online storage will not be transferred in this process. 
  • If you currently have insurance on your device, this will be cancelled as part of the process. If you still require insurance, you’ll need to take out a separate policy.
  • If you have fixed or landline Broadband, that can be transferred to the new owner if required.

This form is not to be used if you’re changing your personal or business name and not the ownership of the account. Instead you’ll need to download and complete the name change application form.

If however, your change is from one Limited name to another Limited name and you can provide a Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name from Companies House, then this form can be used.

Likewise, if you just need to move your tariff between a personal or business account and there’s not a change of name/ownership then you’ll need to contact your usual Customer Service team.

The new account holder will need to do the following:

Choose your new Business tariff – see what’s available here

  • Fully complete all new customer/owner sections of the form. 
  • If you’re a new O2 customer, we’ll have to complete a Credit Check. You’ll need to provide valid proof of identification (ID), see below for more information.
  • Complete and sign the Direct Debit Mandate
  • If you need insurance, this must be requested in the first 28 days. 

Please note that any additional options and services on the original account won’t transfer over, so if you need Office 365 / Box / McAfee, these will need to be set up once the transfer has completed.

Marketing Preferences selected by the original account holder will transfer over so you’ll need to review the preferences selected once the transfer has completed and update them as necessary.

Proof of ID

We require two different forms of ID, at least one must be a mandatory proof. We’ll accept either two mandatory or a mandatory plus another form of ID as listed below.

All Proof of ID must meet the following criteria:

  • Less than 3 months old
  • Name, addresses and postcodes on the ID must all match the details entered on the form. Note: P.O. Box addresses aren’t accepted.
  • UK based – we can only accept UK proof of ID
  • We are unable to accept invoices as proof of ID

If you’ve changed address and are unsure of the address we hold, please check with our Customer Service team prior to completing the form.

All addresses must match, so if your Company Bank/credit card or utility bills go to a different address, this will cause your request to be declined.

ID required for new Business Accounts:

Type of Business Mandatory – provide 1 or 2 different proof of IDs Additional - if only 1 mandatory available
Business Company Bank Statement 
(or confirmation a bank has opened your business account)
Company Credit Card Statement
Company Utility Bill
Sole Traders Bank Statement
Credit Card Statement
Passport – current UK passport
Driving Licence – current UK driving licence
Utility Bill
Government bodies / Health Authorities / Schools / Colleges / Churches / Charities Mandatory:
Signed purchase order on letter headed paper with reference numbers (mandatory), along with completed documents and proof of ID.

Note: ID details must match those provided on the form, if any details don’t then this will cause your request to be declined.

If there’s a change of Limited Company name to a new Limited Company name, we’ll require a Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name from Companies House.

Completed forms

We can't process incomplete forms, so please make sure you include all the required information.

Once both parties have completed the Transfer of Ownership form, please email the form and copies of your proof of ID (where applicable) to: (max file size 10MB).

Alternatively, you can fax it to 0870 600 2402 or send via post to:
O2 Correspondence Team
PO Box 694
SO23 5AP

Please allow up to 5 working days for your transfer to be completed, this will be dependent on receiving all the required information.

Once Transfer of Ownership is complete

Once we have completed the transfer, we'll let you know:

  • Your new account number
  • Your tariff

If you need insurance you’ll need to request within 28 days.

If you need Office 365 / Box / McAfee, these will need to be set up when the transfer has completed.

You’ll also need to check the Marketing Preferences selected and update them as necessary.

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