Tariffs and allowances

You can view all the different tariffs along with details of spending for all the mobile numbers on your account. You can also check reports and schedule watchpoints to alert you to any unexpected spending. 

How can I see which tariff a number is on?

Sign in to My O2 Business andgo to Bill analyser.

  • From the account structure on the homepage, select the phone number you’d like to view the tariff for
  • Click ‘Account’ (in the left-hand navigation)
  • Click ‘Details’ (in the left-hand navigation)

You’ll also be able to see the contract end date, SIM number, cost centre, contract details and any active services and discounts.

How do I view unbilled use and remaining allowance since my last bill?
  • You can keep an eye on allowances and spend by looking at how much each person has used so far that month.

  • In the My O2 Business bill analyser, select the mobile number you want in the Account management tab.
  • Click on Tariffs and recent charges at the top, and at the bottom right choose View recent charges.
  • You can then filter, print or download the report when you sign in.

What's the difference between usage on the Account management and Reporting tabs?

Account management
The recent charges on the Account management tab are in real time and not yet billed. Some calls may not be displayed immediately eg roaming calls, which may take longer to come through from the foreign network.

The Reporting tab displays only your billed charges and information.

Details of our Business Essentials and SIM Only Small Business 12/24 month tariffs are below, offering the following benefits:

  • Inclusive UK minutes and text allowances while roaming in the EU
  • Inclusive EU data roaming allowances included with certain tariffs
  • Free UK to EU min allowances with certain tariffs

Business Essentials

Business Essentials
UK Data 500MB 1GB 3GB 6GB 18GB 36GB 60GB 100GB
£ Airtime from £14 £16 £19 £22 £25 £28 £32 £36
UK to UK mins 500 Unlimited
UK to EU mins & texts None from home allowance

SIMO Small Business

SIM Only
UK Data 500MB 2GB 5GB 8GB 16GB 24GB 32GB 50GB
UK mins 500 Unlimited
UK texts Unlimited
UK to EU mins and texts None
30 day price £15.50 £17.50 £18.50 £21 £23 £25 £29.50 £33.50
3 month price £14.50 £16.50 £17.50 £20 £22 £24 £28.50 £32.50
12 month price £12.50 £14.50 £15.50 £18 £20 £22 £26.50 £30.50
18 month price £11.50 £13.50 £14.50 £17 £19 £21 £25.50 £29.50
24 month price £11.50 £13.50 £14.50 £17 £19 £21 £25.50 £29.50


UK Data 10GB 20GB 30GB
UK mins Unlimited
UK Mins 500 Unlimited
UK Texts Unlimited
UK to EU mins and texts From home allowance, with 2000 cap
3 month price £28 £32 £36
12 month price £26 £30 £34
18 month price £25 £29 £33
24 month price £25 £29 £33

Selected tariffs now include minutes and texts which can be used while roaming in selected EU countries - you can find out which countries are included here

Selected tariffs now include minutes which can be used to call from the UK to other EU countries - you can find out which countries are included here

Subject to the following - Terms and Conditions

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