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Whatever the size of your business, we have the cyber security solutions to ensure you’re protected against a cyber attack. 

Our digital advisors and cyber security experts are here to help every step of the way – to find out what you need, and make sure you’re secure now and in the future. 

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Challenges facing businesses today


Cyber attacks are targeted at all businesses, large and small, and their impact can be devastating. Over 65,000 cyber attacks are attempted each day on UK small businesses, and around 4,500 a day are successful1. For larger organisations, the average cost of a security breach is estimated between £600K to £1.15 million2

From securing an employee’s mobile device to securing complex networks. Every organisation has a different requirement but one common goal – to protect their people, data and business. And this means making sure they aren’t the victim of a cyber attack. 

Ensure you have the right cyber protection with O2 Business. 



These are some key questions to consider when assessing the security of your business

Under 500 employees in your business?

See how we can help your business get cyber secure

Protect your mobile devices 

Our cyber security solutions help you protect your business when your people are using their own mobile devices to access business data and systems.

For end-to-end security

The cloud is changing the way we work. We can help you get the most out of your digital tools linked to the cloud, and ensure any data shared or saved in the cloud stays protected.

The flexibility your business needs

As your business changes, we change with you. Add tools when you need them and stay in control of your costs by paying monthly for what you need.

Help and support 

We’ll go that extra mile to ensure you’re up and running with secure cyber protection. Our digital experts provide free tech support and advice. 

Optional dedicated IT support 

For a small additional cost per user per month, you can get a direct line to a technical specialist with our 24/7 IT support. 

The right tools for the job

We have a range of digital tools from Microsoft 365, Teams, Sophos, McAfee and MaaS360 to support your business growth and take you to the cloud much faster. 

Enterprise or Public Sector?

Here are the reasons to trust us with your cyber security

For mobile-first security

We’re uniquely positioned to secure an increasingly mobile business. We offer security solutions that adapt to changing habits and work styles to protect and enable your employees wherever they may be.

For end-to-end security

As a leading network provider, we know what it takes to securely manage a global network and digital presence. Giving you end-to-end protection that runs from device to network and on to the cloud. 

For best-in-class security

We work hand-in-hand with Telefónica Tech, our sister company and leading provider of innovative tech services for the B2B market. And we partner with best-in-class security solution providers.    

For forward-thinking security

Innovation is key to our strategy. We invest in cyber security start-ups through Wayra and Telefónica Tech Ventures to bring a competitive edge to our services to benefit our customers and community. 

Giving you expert support

We’ll help you combine your own in-house resources with our expertise. And, help you build up the right security portfolio to protect your organisation, your employees and your brand.    

Delivering cyber security transformation

We’ll align your IT security function with your business goals to create a proactive cyber security defence strategy, with the aim of significantly reducing costs and complexity. 

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