Creating sustainable business growth

Working with our customers to build a lower carbon future and a thriving society


Our Blueprint

Our Blueprint is O2’s responsible business plan. It sets out our commitments to do the right thing for our planet and society. We put doing the right thing at the heart of delivering sustainable growth for our business. Our Blueprint will see us:

  • Building a greener future: becoming a net zero business and offering mobile and digital innovation to power a low carbon world.
  • Helping society thrive: supporting our customers and their communities creating green, inclusive and resilient communities powered by smart technology
  • Leading by example: championing a fair, inclusive and ethical business from the inside.


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Greener business

A journey to net zero

In 2019, the UK made a legally binding pledge to commit to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Every organisation will play a crucial role in achieving that goal.


Read our whitepaper here to see how we intend to reach our net zero goal and five steps others can take to start their net zero journey.

A journey to net zero

We’ve created a Green Savings Calculator that helps businesses quantify the benefits of adopting long-term flexible working solutions, including reductions in costs, carbon emissions and time.


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Helping our customers

Our Blueprint is our Responsible Business plan. We’re helping our customers be more competitive. Build customer engagement. And increase productivity, with smarter ways of working.


We’ll help you make the most of mobility and get more from technology to help you achieve a more sustainable business.


We'll also create:

  • A greener network: reducing our impact on the planet. We aim to become the first major UK network to become net carbon zero by 2025.
  • A greener economy: helping businesses and suppliers reduce their impact on the planet by delivering technological solutions.
  • A greener society: encouraging all of our customers to take action and reduce their impact on the planet through our products, solutions and campaigns.


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Running our business responsibly

We’re building a greener network, setting an ambitious commitment to be the first UK mobile network to reach net zero by 2025.

We were the first mobile network in the world to be awarded the Carbon Trust Triple Standard for carbon, waste and water.

We’re currently one of three companies in the world to hold the highest level Carbon Trust Standard for supply chain.

We’ve also committed to reducing carbon emissions by at least 30% across our whole supply chain by 2025, as part of our wider Telefonica Group commitment.

O2 Recycle allows trade-in of old phones and devices for cash or other incentives. 90% of devices are re-used and we have a zero landfill policy on those that aren’t. 

Innovation and insight

The digital revolution is re-shaping the way we live, work and interact.

As a digital provider and recognised sustainability leader, we have an opportunity to help shape the future.

We have partnered with businesses, government and customers to build a lower carbon economy. From providing the connectivity for smart meters, connected car trials with the Smart Mobility Living Lab, to air pollution monitoring as part of a Thames Valley pilot and providing connectivity solutions to support the flexible working revolution
O2’s support of the UK Government’s Smart Metering programme is central to Britain’s efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. The programme will see the roll out of smart meters in over 23 million locations - helping to reduce the UK’s energy consumption in households by 25% by 2035.

We believe that connected solutions enabled by 4G and 5G can power a green revolution over the next decade and beyond. Read our report to find out more about how connectivity can power productivity and reduce carbon in business and public sectors.

Over the years we’ve collaborated with more than 40 partners through the Go Think Big platform, which has provided thousands of work experience opportunities to young people. And, of course, we’re extremely proud of our partnership with Internet Matters, aimed at helping keep children safe online.

These results have only been achieved through great relationships and the power of partnership. It's been a collaborative journey, with hundreds of customers, agencies, charities, business partners, suppliers and peers who’ve joined us along the way.