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How do I view and print my bill online from a desktop computer?


1. Sign in to My O2 Business and choose the Bill analyser. Then select the 'Invoices' tab to show all your bills.


2. To view one, just click on the invoice number.


3. With your bill selected, click on the Download button and choose to either email or download your bill.


4. Go to My reports at the top of the screen and select your bill again. Once you’ve saved it to your desktop you can print as normal.

How do I view and print my bill online from a phone or tablet?

Download a summary bill by clicking on the bill number. Or, you can download a summary, detailed or itemised bill by selecting the three dots on the right. Choose the type of bill you want to view. Use a desktop computer to download larger bills rather than a mobile or tablet.
1. Sign in to My O2 Business and choose the Bill analyser. Click on the bill number to view a summary bill.


2. The notification icon at the top right will highlight as soon as it’s ready to view.


3. For a Detailed or Itemised bill click on the three dots button.


4. Go to the bell-shaped notification icon to view your bill. When you select a bill it will automatically open to your device and you can email it if you wish.

5. Save your bill by clicking on the Save or Print icon on the right hand side.

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