Address book

Your address books are where you can keep up to 20,000 numbers and names (or descriptions like ‘Head office’). You can keep all your numbers together or create specialised address books for different groups of contacts. Just sign in to My O2 Business and choose Bill analyser.

How do I create an address book?

An address book is associated with a subscription. 

To get to the address book:

  • Sign in to My O2 Business and choose Bill analyser.
  • Select a subscription
  • Click ‘View Recent Charges’
  • Select ‘Address Book’.

From here you can create, import or export an address book which can be kept private so only you can see it, or make it public so it can be seen by other registered users in your company.

You can also get to ‘Address Book’ by viewing the list of invoices and clicking on the ellipses button (three vertical dots), then selecting ‘Usage’.

Note: You can only import one Excel list to an address book. To add more numbers, you can either add them to your Excel list and re-import it or add new numbers individually. If you import a new list, you’ll remove all the entries from the original list.

Why do text messages appear without the first ‘0’ in my dialled numbers?

Our system doesn’t include text messages automatically, so they’ll appear without the first ‘0’ in your dialled numbers.

To apply text messages as well as voice calls to someone, you’ll need to enter their number in the address book twice, once with the first ‘0’ and once without.

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