One supplier and end-to-end SLA

The simple route to straightforward IT

When you're mired in a landscape of budget challenges, increasing user expectations and conflicting security regulations it's hard to know which way to turn. Your organisation expects you to empower your people to work even smarter and more flexibly. Oh, and exploit the benefits of IoT too.

There is one simple route forward. Converged infrastructure solutions are the natural way to deliver cost savings and productivity gains.

That's the joy of O2 Gateway. It didn't come about by accident. We recognised the unnecessary complexity and confusion and wanted to simplify it. So O2 Gateway brings together multiple services into one platform — building on our mobile heritage and evolving it to embrace wifi and fixed networks too. It means significant economies of scale and cost savings for you. And because it enables rapid deployment of comms and collaboration tools, you can flex services as you need. While people get easy, reliable and secure access to your corporate data.

More smart connectivity at your fingertips

Because your team has just one end-to-end SLA to look after and one vendor to manage, it’s released from endless hours spent patching kit together and gets more time back to focus on strategy and innovation. Your operational and service teams are freed to achieve more too. Working anywhere. Collaborating anyhow. Scaling up services to deliver a more satisfying user experience for customers and communities.

Strong security too

Let's be frank. We're the only operator that the UK Government has awarded CAS(T) certification to for both our mobile and WAN services. That means they're compliant with UK Government security requirements to give you extra peace of mind.

What more could you want?

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