IoT Connectivity

Get your devices talking fluently to each other

Easy-to-manage IoT connectivity

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming lives and businesses. But at a practical level, managing IoT connectivity is a different beast to managing regular mobile devices.

Smart Connect gives you everything you need to connect and manage your IoT devices. With a wide choice of SIMs, plus hardware solutions and smart management platforms, you can enjoy the transformational benefits of the IoT hassle-free.

Using a single consolidated platform, it’s packed with smart tools that help keep your costs low, your productivity high, and your management workload manageable.

The tools you need
With over 650 roaming agreements worldwide, you’re free to connect your IoT devices in a range of locations. You can take control of finances and operations, with the flexibility to manage your own communication plans and rate plans. Diagnose and fix connections in real time. And apply rules that make sure you’re up to date on your devices’ status while keeping them secure and compliant.

Choose from two service options. Smart Connect gives you end-to-end connectivity, enhanced visibility and control via a management portal, and UK roaming. While Connect offers the specialist end-to-end connectivity you need to manage your IoT devices. Both services include guidance and support from dedicated IoT specialists to help your customers achieve their goals.

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