East Coast Mainline

Powering the journey with Smart Steps

The Challenge

90% of journeys on East Coast trains are discretionary, unlike those of a commuter service around, for example the South East. East Coast wanted to increase its knowledge about the travel choices consumers were making and couldn't get all the insights they wanted from traditional market research.

The Solution

O2's Smart Steps service provided a rich picture of the East Coast Mainline market. By using anonymous and aggregated mobile data Smart Steps provided insights on the movement of people: where they're going and why, how they're travelling, where they've come from and the route they've chosen.

"For us, Smart Steps was more expensive than traditional primary research but far exceeds what you would get back from a research agency. This will help us enormously in the future to understand where to focus our effort in a targeted, accurate way." Jim Muir, Retention & Insight Manager, East Coast Main Line Company Limited.


  • Quantified market size
  • New insight gained into where customers and potential customers begin and end their journey
  • Better understanding of competition

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