Liverpool Arts Bar

How O2 helped Liverpool Arts Bar move their business online

Being flexible through challenging times

Liverpool Arts Bar offers a safe space to support the local art scene, with live music, art classes and performances. When the pandemic hit and they had to close, they turned a negative situation into a positive one. With help from O2, they moved their live events business online and trebled their audience in the process.

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Hear what Liverpool Arts Bar has to say

See how the Liverpool Arts Bar had to flex their business, while taking on an O2 challenge.

How did O2 help Liverpool Arts Bar?

Dedicated Business Support

We listen to our customers’ challenges before making any recommendations. Liverpool Arts Bar worked with an advisor from O2 Partner, Communications Plus, to find a solution that suited their needs

Expert Advice

Once their advisor had a clear understanding of what the team at Liverpool Arts Bar needed, they were able to recommend the right devices and contract options to help them run their business online.

Flexible Tariffs

Calculating demand after 2020 became harder than ever before. That’s why we offer flexible tariff options that can fit the requirements of many businesses like Liverpool Arts Bar.

Data Rollover

No one wants to pay for data they don’t use, especially during times of economic uncertainty. Liverpool Arts Bar can roll over their unused data each month, which helps during busier times.

A little bit more info

“Our current contracts have allowed us to flex our data needs, as and when necessary. We haven’t had to lower it, we actually had to push it to the max, so it’s been crucial for us to have that flexibility.”

Ben Cosgrove
Director, Liverpool Arts Bar

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