One Box Meals

How O2 helps One Box Meals connect with customers on the go

Staying agile while balancing business and family life

One Box Meals, the UK’s first Caribbean meal kit delivery service, is a small family business that launched during lockdown. Sisters Dionne, Candice and Carleen needed to balance their work and family commitments, while getting their new business off the ground.

Switching from a personal to a business contract with O2 gave One Box Meals added flexibility, helping them to build the customer relationships they’ve become famous for.

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See how One Box Meals flexed their business, while taking on an O2 challenge.

How did O2 help One Box Meals?

Award-winning network

One Box Meals use social media on the go to connect with customers, so having consistent coverage is key for the success of their business. O2 Won Best Network for Reliability for the third year running in 2021 (Global Wireless Solutions, Inc)

Data rollover

As a young business, One Box Meals is at a stage where cost efficiency is key. So having the flexibility of data rollover can help them continue to service their customers at different stages of demand, while minimising data wastage.

Free digital advice and support

By being on a business contract with O2, One Box Meals now have access to our Tech Experts, who provide free digital advice and support, and make sure they’re getting the most out of their tech.

Flexible tariffs

Our business contracts allow you to flex your data up or down each month to keep up with changing data needs. You can also select contract lengths from 30 days to 3 years depending on what suits your business.

A little bit more info

"Not many businesses think they should get an O2 business contract. It’s more professional, it’s helpful, it’s efficient, it saves you money. Our business is really flexible so we needed something that could flex with us.”  

Carleen Elson
Director and Social Media Coordinator, One Box Meals

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  • O2 Won Best Network for Reliability for the third year running in 2021 (Global Wireless Solutions, Inc)
  • Data Rollover: Selected tariffs and new or upgrading customers only. Unused standard monthly data allowance rolls over for one month only. Any data that cannot be rolled over will expire. Any unused data will not rollover if you decide to change to an alternative tariff. 
  • Flexible Tariffs: New or upgrading customers only. For Small Biz tariff can be changed to a non-promotional tariff of the same type with new data limits. For Small Biz Sim Only or Data Only and Mobile Broadband Sim Only tariffs, tariff can be changed to a same type non-promotional tariff with the same or a higher amount of data. Tariff changes can be made 30 days from the date of connection or upgrade, each billing month.