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How O2 helped LGBT Foundation go nationwide

Growing your remote workforce

LGBT Foundation has supported the needs of the local LGBT community in Manchester for over 40 years. So, when their headquarters closed during lockdown, they had to find a new way to offer their services.

By switching to remote working and using O2’s flexible plans and digital services, they were able to expand their workforce and support people all over the UK.

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How did O2 help LGBT Foundation?

Nationwide network quality

Employees and volunteers from LGBT Foundation attend events all over the UK and rely on their devices to connect with event goers – so network quality across the entire country is vital.

Dedicated account manager

A dedicated account manager helped LGBT Foundation manage the big changes to their ways of working – ensuring they got the right packages and provided training on digital tools.

Technical support and user training

When LGBT Foundation went remote, our digital experts, helped them get the most out of Microsoft apps like Microsoft Teams – making their transition to remote working a lot smoother.

Flexible tariffs

The growth of the volunteer network, including students, has been facilitated by O2 Business sending sim cards out quickly and offering 30-day rolling plans.

Hear what LGBT Foundation has to say

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A little bit more info

“Flexibility from O2 has enabled us to expand our volunteer workforce because they’ve been able to volunteer from anywhere in the country. We wanted to make sure that wherever they were, they were able to get the coverage that they needed. I see our future being really technology-driven and I see O2 as a key partner in making that successful”

Stewart Humphries
CEO's Business Manager and Company Secretary, LGBT Foundation