Real-time driver behaviour and vehicle diagnostics deliver business value

The Challenge

With 520 employees, three offices in the UK, around 180 vehicles and more than 100 rigs, Van Elle knows how critical it is to keep track of where people, vehicles and heavy machines (plant) are, and what they're doing.

The Solution

"The O2 solution is unique," says Tom Lyndon, Group Managing Director. "Other companies could do driver behaviour and tracking, but no one else could get that detailed information from on-board diagnostics about how vehicles are performing on a day-to-day basis." Van Elle's team have found O2 Smart Tracking easy to use, thanks to its graphical view and user-friendly design. And the information also helps the company with its duty-of-care, by making sure drivers are driving carefully and aren't working longer than is safe.


  • Identification of vehicle faults, oil levels, tyre condition and battery status with the largest database of reverse-engineered engine codes, to ensure vehicles are well maintained
  • Access to real-time vehicle information through a web portal or directly via their back-office systems, to support decision-making
  • Alerts and reports, for increased transparency and accountability
  • Driver behaviour information enables better driver education and reduced insurance premiums

O2 Smart Tracking powered by Geotab average fleet results:

  • 5% reduction in fuel costs
  • 7% increase in productivity
  • 10% reduction in idle time

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O2 Smart Vehicle delivers business value for Van Elle