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Patients benefit from an interactive experience with chat messaging

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Pharmacy2U is the UK’s largest dedicated online pharmacy, with over 570,000 patients. As the group’s technology partner, O2 suggested using Rich Communication Services (RCS) as an innovative and effective way to improve communications with patients.

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Key benefits

Cost effective

Initial costs were offset by the greatly increased response from users, including previous customers who re-engaged with the service.

Greatly improved response rates

Patients engaged via RCS at a rate of 52% which was higher than email and SMS.

Increased loyalty

Nine out of ten users have already said they’d recommend the service to a friend and the increase in returning customers from the trial implies that this is likely to grow.


Messages to previous patients resulted in 36% more patients returning to Pharmacy2U versus email and SMS.

A little bit more info

“In our research, patients said that they understood how it worked straight away, there was no need for explanation because the RCS messages were so intuitive.”

Chris Wade, Head of Marketing, Pharmacy2U.

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