CAS(T) approved networks, recycling and fund raising

The Challenge

From counter-terrorism to identity theft, cyber-crime to economic offences, policing the City of London area has changed dramatically in the past couple of decades. Front line officers need to be able to access police applications and databases at all times, and therefore, the secure connectivity has become essential.

John Osibote works on issues such as economic crime, counter-terrorism and cyber-crime. “The challenge is to keep pace with changes and advances in technology. It’s about having mobile capability so we can respond to threats effectively and efficiently,” he says.

The Solution

The force’s long-standing relationship with O2 enables it to adapt to change. With O2 Gateway providing connectivity across the O2 mobile networks, as well as the corporate and public O2 Wi-Fi networks, police officers now have much better, more reliable and secure access to all the technology, services and apps they need, even when they’re on the move.

The force recycles its own obsolete devices, and 40 to 50 lost or stolen devices each month through O2 Recycle. This zero landfill service also generates funds for charitable donations.


O2 Gateway provides redundancy and resilience through networks that are secure and compliant to the ISO27001 standards, and coverage where it is needed. This means the force can coordinate work, provide and retrieve information and organise their resources efficiently, while maintaining the highest possible levels of security and personal safety. O2 has been on hand to support them at all times.

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