Unified communications

Simple, flexible and cost-effective communications

We all love technology

But not if it gets in the way of how we need to work. We want the ability to collaborate and be productive from anywhere.

For us, business needs to be driven by how people need to use IT, not how technology wants people to work. And we know that, because our 30-year mobile heritage is based on this. It's why we think business isn't technology or mobile first, it's people first.

Integrated everything, from voice to video conferencing

Unified communications help people work flexibly by collaborating with instant messaging and group conferencing. That's on any device, even their own. And with O2 Gateway, connectivity is more secure, and even easier with just one number to reach you on.

And your IT team? Well, they get just one supplier, a single end-to-end SLA and a dedicated point of contact to deal with. Which couldn't be better, really.