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Making it easy for your customers to talk to you

Keep in touch with your customers

If you rely on incoming calls, our Inbound Numbers service offers a range freephone and chargeable numbers. Helping your customers keep in touch and make sure your callers get to the right person more quickly.

Our Virtual Receptionist can answer every call automatically and direct them where they need to go.

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Why choose Inbound Numbers?

Get recognisable numbers

Simple, recognisable numbers give your business a national presence. So you can stand out from the crowd and target your marketing to deliver a better customer service.

Balance the load

You can control where calls get directed. Deliver incoming calls to a landline or mobile. Set when you want your calls redirected. And change the settings when you need to.

Give great customer service

You can customise your messages to talk directly to your customers, with flexible routing. We can give you new Inbound Numbers, or take over those you already have.

Get clear reporting

Your reports can help you make sure you’ve got the right number of people to answer your incoming calls. By tracking volume, how long it takes to answer and length of calls.

Get full control in real time

Our self-service online portal is a simple way to manage and control your Inbound Numbers. It’s quick and easy to set up, make changes and get reports as and when you need them.

Be joined up 

Landlines, mobiles, and your Inbound Numbers, all joined up. The same bill, with one number to call for support. All managed online, meaning you’ll spend less time on admin. 

Choose the number that suits your business


  01/02 03X 0800/8 084 ISDN30
Caller pays Local or National rate Local or National rate Free from landline or mobile 1ppm to 7ppm* 1ppm to 13ppm*
Take your number with you
Get a share of revenue - - -
Incoming calls charged - -
Regulated by Phone-paid Services Authority - - -


A little bit more info

To find out more, read our Inbound Numbers product overview.

Download the overview here

Take a look at our Inbound Numbers price list.

Download the pricelist here.

See what our customers say

Now that we've moved to O2 we have much better functionality. We can make changes from our mobiles, iPads, from home or wherever we are via the web portal because it's all cloud-based. I've been at a football game and made an urgent change without leaving my seat."

Tim Milburn, Operational Planning Manager

 1 Excludes any access charges, which will be added to the caller’s bill.

Caller’s costs are based on a standard UK landline. A caller’s charges will vary depending on the type of number being called and the caller’s network provider – callers should be advised to check before calling certain numbers in accordance with regulation by Phone-paid Services Authority. Incoming calls charged is based on routing to a standard 01 or 02 landline number. For more details of call charges from standard BT landlines, call charges for receiving calls to different types of Inbound Numbers and options for routing to mobile or international numbers read more and for full terms and conditions talk to your Account Manager.

*Prices shown exclude VAT.