Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams

For businesses with 11 - 300 employees

All your comms on one platform

Whether your employees work remotely, in the office or a combination of both, your business needs robust, easy-to-use tech that enables them to communicate, collaborate and share real-time information.  

Our unified communications solution integrates all your comms tools, so your people can call, chat, share, present and meet from a single app, wherever they’re working.  

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Businesses with 11 - 300 employees

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What is Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams?

All-in-one solution

  • • Bring together calling, chat and meetings in a single app 
  • • Start a call from Teams, Outlook or your mobile device 
  • • Use Office apps to collaborate during calls and meetings 
  • • Work across Teams and Outlook seamlessly with unified contacts and calendars 

Managed configuration

  • • One phone number across your computer, mobile and desk phone 
  • • Turn a call into a group meeting without hanging up or re-dialling 
  • • Add flexibility to meetings with a dial-in conferencing number 
  • • Choose from a range of personal and shared devices built for Teams

Secure and reliable calling

  • • Use cloud calling features like consultative transfer, music-on-hold and cloud voicemail  
  • • Work as a team with group call pickup and delegation 
  • • Use a virtual receptionist and call queues, or connect your contact centre software 
  • • Improve uptime with built-in redundancy and load balancing 

Streamline management

  • • Save time and money with a single provider for your communications 
  • • Easily add phone numbers with the Teams Admin Center 
  • • Monitor and resolve performance issues with call analytics and quality dashboard 
  • • Choose a calling plan that meets the needs of your business

Why choose Microsoft Teams Direct Routing?

All your comms in one place

Our single-screen platform makes managing all your comms easy. Call, chat, share, present and meet from one app, wherever you are. 

Teams that work smarter

From call menus that get customers to the right place quickly, to auto transcriptions in different languages and meeting recordings. This is tech that supports your team and allows them to work smarter. 

Pick and choose what you need

Your business is unique, so you need a solution that suits your needs and staff. You can select and personalise the software, hardware, call plans and support that are right for you1

Hardware and latest tech

We offer a wide choice of hardware devices from reputable suppliers, including headphones, IP desk phones and meeting room equipment. 

Focused on your success

A dedicated customer success manager will get to know your business, create a tailored solution to meet your needs and stick with you as your business grows and changes.

All the support your business needs

We’re here to help whenever you need us, with 24/7 tech support1. Our managed service includes training, 24/7 Microsoft environment management and a dedicated helpline. It's a great way to reduce the workload for your IT team2.

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Businesses with 10 - 499 Employees

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Get ready for the analogue switch-off

The UK's old telephone network is going digital. Many organisations and countries have already made the switch and enjoy faster, more secure networks as a result. Now is the time to move to a more efficient, cost-effective, future-ready voice and communications solution. Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams fits the bill perfectly.

Frequently asked questions

How will cloud calling make a difference to my business?

Traditional phone lines only allow forwarding to a single number. You could miss out on valuable trade if customers can't get through. With Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams, everyone has one number they can take with them wherever they work.

Is cloud calling secure?

Older phone systems are challenging if customers need to be compliant, like recording calls or keeping records of messages under the EU GDPR legislation. With our unified communications solution, this isn’t a problem. Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams is highly secure because it's based on Microsoft 365 – the most secure version yet. 

Won't our calls drop in and out like the internet sometimes?

If customers are concerned about line availability in the cloud, they needn't be. Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams comes with 99.9% uptime guaranteed by Microsoft. 

What are your international and premium rates?

Find out how much it will cost to make international and premium calls.

Why is unified communications so cost-effective?

Unified communications solutions are priced per user and aren't reliant on physical equipment to maintain the solution. Our cloud-based Microsoft Teams solution also includes security, with updates and new features rolled out seamlessly, reducing your IT spend. And with unlimited domestic calling plans, you can save on the cost of calling. 

1 When you purchase Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams, 24/7 tech support forms part of your package and cannot be removed. 

2 The managed service is optional and will incur an additional cost.