O2 Retail: The revolution starts here

Delivering a fully immersive customer experience throughout our UK stores, with O2 Gateway connectivity

We’re a retailer, we know your challenges

To deliver the services and experiences that customers and our store teams demand, we’re changing what our stores can do. And our next step is transforming the connectivity across our retail estate. As we’ve grown, we’ve found that our customers want more immersive experiences. So we’re looking for more ways that they can experience the full potential of devices and services. More ways that our store teams can provide peerless customer experiences. 

One platform for everything

O2 Gateway provides access to fixed, mobile and wifi connectivity as a single service. And delivers a number of services like wifi, unified communications, managed WAN and cloud services. It also scales as needed, so new services and products can be added quickly and support greater collaboration, public connectivity and the security of all business communications.

For live streaming, and living the brand 

This will completely transform the way O2 stores operate, turning them into a destination that interacts with our customers and people. It’s about delivering great experiences, while using greater insight to increase footfall and dwell times. Plans include livestreaming events, the ability for customers to download movies and so test the devices they’re interested in – and provide a platform for the automation of low value tasks, so our people can concentrate on delivering an unmatched customer experience.

Why O2?