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Call tagging

Call tagging allows you to track who’s calling who, and how much you’re spending. Once your bill is online, you can tag charges as either Business or Personal, and then run reports to see what you’re spending. This makes it easy to recover personal call costs and it’s simple to manage too – once you’ve set a tag it will automatically carry over to the next bill. To set tags, you’ll need to sign in to My O2 Business and choose Bill analyser.

How do I tag my calls as Business or Personal?

Sign in to My O2 Business and choose Bill analyser. First, you’ll need to make sure you're at the level of the individual subscription (eg mobile or fixed line number) before you can tag calls.

Note: If the Tag option is grey, tags are not yet available for this bill – check back later.
A tag will be deleted if there are no charges on it for 12 months.

  • From the main screen, click the Account management tab, highlight the user and click the Invoices tab
  • Under the Tag column, click Tag on the invoice you want to see
  • On the next screen, under Invoice charges you’ll see Usage, Line rental charges and Other charges and credits
  • Use the drop-down menu to select Business, Personal or Not tagged
  • To tag a number, click Usage under Invoice charges , then select an individual or group of numbers to tag
  • Click Save when you’re finished
Can I use a wildcard to group phone numbers?

Yes, you can use '*' as a wildcard. For example, to label all Manchester landline numbers you could type 0161* and all numbers beginning with 0161 will be labelled.

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