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Add a user - bill analyser

You'll need to be an administrator to create and manage users. Sign in to My O2 Business and choose Bill analyser.

  1. Create user
    • In the bill analyser, select the Administration tab.
    • On User administration, click Create new user and complete the user details in the pop-up panel.
    • Remember the user ID must be the user’s valid email address – it's where we'll send their registration details to allow them to access the system.
  2. Set user type
    • Use the dropdown menu to choose either Administrator or End user role (see How do I know which role to give to a user?).
    • Click Next to go to the Assigned reporting levels panel.
    • Select the Group code, Corp code, Account Number you want to assign access from or to. Complete the first two fields from the dropdown options, then enter your search value in the third box and click Look Up.
  3. Set the reporting view
    • Highlight the account detail you want and click Assign from reporting structure.
    • Use the Exploring dropdown option to select which reporting view you want to use. The Billing view (Default) shows your standard bill layout. You'll also be able to see any customised reporting structures you've created.
  4. Assign access level
    • In the pane below, highlight the access level for the new user and click Assign role.
    • Click Assign reporting level.
    • Either Submit to complete the process, or Assign new reporting level to add more access levels
    • Once you've clicked Submit we'll send the user 3 emails with the link to the website, their user name and password.
    • The emails are sent to the email address that was entered in the Username box. If the user doesn't get the emails, check the address.

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