Help with your account

Transfer an account

From time to time you may want to transfer ownership of one O2 Business account to another. Or you may want to switch your personal account to a business tariff (or vice versa). In either case, you’ll need to complete a transfer of ownership form.

How do I transfer my account?

Personal to business OR business to business

Once we receive your form, we'll confirm:

  • Your new account number
  • Your tariff
  • The contract term

We can't process incomplete forms, so please make sure you include all the required info.

ID for companies:

  • Company utility bill
  • Company bank statement (or confirmation a bank has opened your business account)
  • Company credit card statement

ID for sole traders:

  • Passport
  • Driver's licence
  • Utility bill

ID for government bodies, health authorities or schools:

  • Signed purchase order on letterheaded paper

Business to personal

  • Account holders – choose your new tariff and device from our online store (remember that there may be termination fees).
  • End users – call us on 0800 977 7337, or just dial 8002 from your mobile.

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