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Manage users

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Manage users

To manage users in My Account you'll need to register on My O2 Business and select the account you want to view if you have access to more than one.

What elements of my O2 Business account can I manage?

Once you're signed into My O2 Business and chosen My Account, you can:

  • View information and make changes to your mobile connections
  • View your landline and broadband contract details
How do I change a user name or cost centre (eg. from sales to marketing)?

If you’re an administrator, sign in to My O2 Business and go to My Account.

  • In the Manage contracts section, click on Update names and cost centres and choose your user.
  • To change a user’s name (eg if they’ve changed their name after getting married), simply type the new name into the box provided.
  • If you want to assign a new user, you’ll also need to click the Change user button.
  • To assign a new cost centre, simply type the new cost centre into the box provided.

If you don’t have access to this part of My O2 Business, you may be able to request changes from your usual O2 Business contact.

The link in the email we sent you to activate your account expires after 24 hours.

  • Go to My O2 Business and request a new one.
  • We’ll send a new link to your registered email address within a few minutes (remember to check your junk email folder).
  • Click on the link and activate your account to sign in.
If I change my name and email address in My O2 Business, will it update anywhere else?

You can change your email address (username), password and security questions once you're signed into My O2 Business. But any changes here will not be reflected anywhere else.

  • To change your details in My O2 Business click on your name under Edit my details section
  • If you make these changes in My Account, you'll need to go to the bill analyser to change your email address and get in touch with your usual O2 Business contact to update our billing system.
Why can’t I add additional accounts?

You can only add additional accounts if you have administrator access. Contact your account administrator to find out more.

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My O2 Business

My O2 Business

Manage your account and check your bill.

My O2 Business

My O2 Business

Manage your account and check your bill.