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Leaving O2

Thinking of leaving us?

You could be due for an upgrade or be eligible for one of our special deals. Get in touch with your usual O2 Business contact or call us on 0800 977 7337.

If you’re thinking of switching to another network, find out about switching to or from O2.

How do I cancel my O2 Business contract?

If you cancel before the expiry of your Minimum Term, we'll need 30 days' notice, and you may have to pay an early termination charge.  

Business Essentials customer? You can pay off your Device Plan at any point within your 24 month contract and just pay your Airtime Plan (texts, minutes and data) until you're ready to start a new contract. 

Your final bill

Your final bill will include any out-of-bundle charges you have incurred before termination and early termination charges, if you cancel your contract before the expiry of your Minimum Term.

How we calculate early termination charges  

We add together all monthly standard tariff charges for the remainder of your Minimum Term, taking into account any regular recurring discounts that has been added to your account under your Agreement with O2.

Examples of early termination charges

Example 1:

You’re on a 12 month contract paying £21 per month in Rental Charges (excl. VAT @20%) terminating in six months. The early termination fee would be calculated as follows:
6 x £21, which gives an early termination charge of £126. 
Example 2:

You’re on a 12 month contract costing £20 per month terminating after 9 months.  This is made up of  £26 Rental Charge and a £6 monthly recurring credit (excl. VAT @ 20%). The Termination Fee would be calculated as:

3 x £20, which gives an early termination charge of £60

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