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Bars and Bolt Ons

If you’re an administrator of an SMB account you can apply different types of bars to phone numbers on your account, like bars on premium numbers or international calls. This gives you more control over how the phone is used and your costs. If you’re an administrator of an Enterprise account, you can submit a request to make these changes.

Bolt Ons are extra packages that can give you more value on your account, from cheaper calls to specific numbers abroad and extra data at home. If you have a Spend Cap, the prices of these Bolt Ons will not be included within your Spend Cap.

As an administrator of an SMB account, you can view the Bolt Ons you have. As an administrator of an Enterprise account, you can request changes.

You can view or make these changes when you sign in to My O2 Business and choose My Account.

What type of bars are available?

Full – Stop a phone or tablet from making or receiving calls.
Device – If a device is lost or stolen you can stop it working.
Calling abroad – Stop a device calling abroad from the UK.
Premium – Stop a device making calls to premium rate numbers (but not texts – sorry).
Roaming – Stop a device making or receiving calls while outside the UK.
Data – Stop a device accessing the internet or using data via our network (it can still use data via wifi).

How can I add or remove bars to phone numbers on my account?

You can add or remove bars by signing into My O2 Business and going to My Account.

If your device is lost or stolen, get in touch with your usual O2 Business contact immediately to make sure no-one else can use it.

Note: If your account is in arrears, you'll need to pay before you can add or change any bars.

Sign in to My O2 Business and go to My Account.

  • In Manage contracts, select the option to View or manage bars
  • Choose the number to which you want to add or remove a bar
  • Click on a box to add a bar – an ‘X’ will appear when the bar is applied
  • Click on an ‘X’ to remove it from a box – the bar will be removed
  • Review and submit your request
What types of Bolt On are available?
  • Domestic data Bolt Ons –Fixed prices for extra minutes and data, one-off and recurring.
  • O2 Travel – All the data you need and cheaper calls in Europe for a single daily fee.
  • International Favourites – Cheaper calls to a range of numbers abroad.
  • Worldwide 24 hour data bolt on to Rest of World 24 hour Pass – Fixed daily price for roaming outside Europe.
  • Worldwide data bolt on to Rest of World 30 day Pass– Fixed monthly price for roaming outside Europe.

More about Bolt Ons.

How can I view my Bolt Ons?
  • SMB administrators can sign in to My O2 Business and go to My Account
  • In Manage contracts click View tariffs and Bolt Ons
  • Choose the number you want to View Bolt Ons for
  • Your Bolt Ons will be displayed

Some points to remember:

  • You can remove recurring domestic data and International Favourites Bolt Ons after 30 days
  • You can only have one International Favourites Bolt On at one time on your account or per phone
  • Recurring Bolt Ons will be charged for days remaining before your bill cycle date
  • One-off Bolt Ons will expire at your next bill date and will be charged in full

Note: To make changes to your Bolt Ons, get in touch with your usual O2 contactor call us on 0800 977 7337.

Bolt On terms and conditions

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