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Successful organisations are customer-centric, but to revolve around your customers you need to understand them. And this can be complex. You know the data exists, but how do you harness it?

We can help you to process the big data generated by customers when they are out and about. And we'll help you interpret it – extracting fresh, meaningful, actionable insights for your business.

Smart Steps

Smart Steps overlaying market data with anonymised and aggregated data from the O2 mobile network to spot customer trends and habits, for example:

O2 Wifi Insights

O2 Wifi Insights helps you to better understand customer behaviour in areas where your organisation has installed O2 Wifi. It provides:

  • Aggregated customer demographics
  • Information on top website domains browsed
  • Numbers of registered and returning customers
  • Details on browse times: highlighting time of day and peaks
  • Details on device types used to connect
  • A breakdown of users' top ten locations for wifi usage

These services are helping many of our customers to make more informed decisions on how to engage with their own customers. We're also using these tools to help us build a richer, more complete view of our consumer business.

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