O2 Motion and DfT

Helping to understand public travel in the UK during a pandemic

Monitoring and reviewing real-time mobility patterns

O2 Motion’s data offers a reliable picture of customer's movements around the UK.

Detailed, daily travel data helped the Department for Transport monitor and review how mobility patterns are changing, close to real-time, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Key benefits

25m users

There are over 25 million O2 UK customers – more than a third of the adult population. So O2 Motion has a huge data set to work from, which can help predict behaviours and trends across the entire population.

Fast, accurate reporting

O2 delivered daily, close to real-time reports to DfT. The key insights were added into briefing packs for ministers on the same day.

Travel demographics

O2 Motion’s data contains a broad range of insights into the travel of different demographics (old, young, male, female etc) as well as income groups, length of journey, dwell time and much more.

Deep insight

O2 Motion’s expansive data sets can be used to identify and confirm a wide variety of trends, both local and national. These can then be used in modelling responses.

Anonymised and aggregated data

None of the data accumulated by O2 Motion can be used to identify individuals. It’s all anonymised and aggregated to identify trends, not people.

A little bit more info

“As COVID-19 has changed, so have the DfT insight requirements, and we’ve operated an agile way of working to support them in the best way we can.”

Ian Burrows. Digital Insights Director, O2

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