O2 Wifi

Keeping people and organisations connected

Fast, safe and reliable wifi for your organisation

We know what makes a great wifi service. For you and your people, on the move or in the office. For your customers or communities. And we know how to deliver it. Our two services ensure that you can meet the needs of your customers and your organisation.

What's more we're in the process of rolling out O2 Wifi Extra to our venue estate meaning O2 customers will be automatically connected to O2 Wifi with no need for registration. Find more information on O2 Wifi Extra.

O2 Wifi

O2 has helped to drive and shape public wifi. Our hotspot network is the fastest and most resilient on the market. We work with organisations of all types and sizes, offering your customers and visitors free, fast wifi when they are visiting you. The service is:

  • Inclusive: Open to all your customers, even if they're not on O2
  • Easy and enjoyable to use
  • Safe: Fully content-filtered, so your customers and your network are protected from illegal, extreme and adult material. Find out more about how we set the industry standards for safety
  • Managed by O2: Your customers get a first class wifi experience, and you get the credit without the hassle

O2 Wifi can also help you understand your customers better. Insights into who they are and how they use wifi during their visit allows you to improve how you market your products and services to them.

Find out more at o2.co.uk/apps/wifi.

O2 Wifi for Office

A robust, reliable, fast wifi service that enables visitors to your office to get online without impacting your network:

  • Great for temporary staff, contractors and suppliers who need to be online but don't need to be on your network
  • Open to all visitors, even if they're not on O2
  • Easy to access: Register once and get automatic access to O2 Wifi nationwide
  • Seamless connectivity and longer sessions than standard O2 Wifi
  • Safe and secure: Outstanding protection for your organisation
  • Makes it easier and safer for staff to use their own devices in the office
  • Fully managed by O2: Including all regulatory and compliance requirements

We can add O2 Wifi for Office to your existing infrastructure, or build it for you from scratch.

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