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Messaging Services

More effective conversations with customers and employees

Reach your audience

Smartphones have revolutionised our daily lives, providing personalised communication between organisations, customers and employees across the world.

Messaging Services are engaging, direct and cost-effective ways to communicate. SMS, RCS voice and chat formats all drive consistently higher engagement than email.

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Why choose O2 Messaging Services?

Speed up communications

90% of SMS texts are read within 3 minutes. So whether you’re sending out an update, special offer or emergency alert, you know you can reach individuals or group audiences quickly and effectively.

Increase engagement

Manage orders, information requests and customer surveys more efficiently and increase interactivity. SMS drives engagement rates six to eight times higher than email.

Improve comms effectiveness

98% of text messages will be read, making it a more consistent way of communicating than email. By using a mix of channels and formats you can help drive longer-lasting engagement with your audience.

Boost success rates

Configure inbound messages to automatically generate a call from your contact centre. And convert undelivered messages to a different format, to engage on new channels and increase success rates.

Reduce your costs

Consolidate your comms systems with our intelligent platform to help decrease complexity, improve data quality and reduce costs. Our customers have cut costs by up to 70% by removing manual processes.

Deliver a better customer experience

Show you are proactively listening to customers and improve satisfaction during queries or issues, by using a mix of inbound and outbound text messaging and chat to help resolve them.

Use Cases

How Messaging from O2 can help you with…

Sales & Marketing

Highlight in-store promotions to customers with real-time messaging.Drive customers to collect orders that have been reserved in-store.

Customer Service

Customers can contact organisations with information, preferences, requests and claims. Use intelligent surveys to improve engagement and meet regulatory requirements for customer feedback.Convert messages to customers’ preferred channels automatically. 

Customer Alerts and Reminders

Keep all of your customers informed with information updates to reduce calls into call centre, e.g. bank balance alerts, school closure announcements or appointment reminders.Cultivate customer trust and satisfaction with personalised updates to generate feedback, develop conversations and drive revenue.


Notify customers when orders will be delivered to reduce uncertainty and create a more wraparound service. Helps head off customer satisfaction problems with proactive communication.

Internal Comms

Automatically connect team members through secure, managed messaging channels, to aid management of crisis scenarios, streamline organisational communications and provide updates.

Two-factor Authentication

Validate that whoever is logging into your website is who they say they are, confirming their personal information using a code sent the users handset.

Why choose O2?


Our flexible solutions currently deliver 80m messages/month.

Trusted and reliable

We deliver messaging solutions for over 100 organisations.

Cost effective

We charge for messages delivered, not messages sent.

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