O2 Motion and ONS

Helping the Office for National Statistics support Government policy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trends in movement around the UK

ONS provides statistics and insights on the UK’s economy, society and population for the UK Government, society and businesses.

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to take hold, ONS were looking for timely, reliable data sets that would help them establish movement trends among the population, which could then be used to gain insight and inform the country’s response.

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Key benefits

Ethical data

All data used by ONS is subject to an ethical review framework to ensure it’s being used for the public good.

Unique data set

O2 Motion’s dynamic data is updated every day and covers the entire UK, offering unique insights into the public’s movements, both nationally and in specific regions.

Bespoke offering

O2 Motion has a wealth of data available in existing data sets, or it can be tailored to specific requirements on request.

25m users

O2 Motion’s huge reach, more than a third of the UK adult population, allows for a very large data set reflecting public travel. The timely, granular data provides additional insights to supplement what we know from statistical surveys.

A little bit more info

“ONS have been very clear about the data they require and we’ve worked hard to deliver it for them. We also provided insights into how existing data can be used to deliver the results they’re looking for”

Ian Burrows
Digital Insights Director, O2

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