About 4G

For organisations that can't afford to stand still

The 4G difference

Do more in less time. Streaming video and video calls on the go, downloading hefty files. Giving your people access to all the information they need on their smartphones and tablets, wherever they are, and faster than before.

It's why our YouGov survey reveals that UK businesses and public sector organisations save 9.4 million hours every week with mobile technology.

4G is already helping increase productivity, efficiency and innovation, and our Smarter Working Britain research tells you how 4G could help you unlock your part of £30 billion of productivity savings.

See what 4G could do for your organisation. It's already being used to:

  • Provide care for patients in their own home, improving outcomes and reducing costs
  • Give emergency services better visibility of activities on the ground, helping them to better serve their communities and stay safe
  • Assess insurance claims more quickly, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing processing costs
  • Set up offices in a matter of minutes, not weeks, with a 4G hotspot in client buildings as well as remote sites without fixed line connections

And don't worry about indoor coverage. We're the only operator committed to a regulatory requirement of reaching 98% indoor population coverage by 2017.

Find out how 4G's being used to benefit organisations in your industry.