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What's new in My O2 Business

Manage your shared bundles more easily.

We don't want you to spend any more than you have to. So we’ve improved the unbilled usage features in My O2 Business. These make it easier for you to see how your business is using the shared bundles you have with us and take more control of your spending.

Now that your unbilled usage is clearer, you can make sure you're getting the best value. If there's any wasted money, or someone is using more than expected, just get in touch with your usual O2 Business contact and make an adjustment before your bill is drawn up.

It's all done with dials and reports:

  • Bundle allocation dials show details for minute, text, data and value bundles, which are shared at agreement level. They can be found by going to Account Management, then Tariffs and Recent Charges.
  • The new Unbilled – Bundle Usage over 80% report shows if 80% or more of a shared (agreement level) minute, text, data or value bundle allocation has been used. Go to Reports to view this immediately, download it or schedule it to be sent to you as often as you need it.
  • The four new Unbilled – Top 50 Highest Users reports help you spot high spending users earlier in the billing cycle. Then you can reduce the drain on shared (agreement level) minute, text, data or value bundles. Or add more, if you need them. Go to Reports to view these immediately, download them or schedule them to be sent to you as often as you need them.

Please note that the dials and reports at group, corporate and account level do not include any rollover. So if the dials show a full allowance remaining and the reports are empty, you have not yet used your current allowance.

For more information on these new journeys, go to the demo and select Bill Analyser.

How do I register or sign in to My O2 Business?

O2 Business customers
Not yet registered on My O2 Business? Speak to your usual O2 business contact to get started.

New and recently registered customers
We'll email you with details on how to complete your registration. Click on the link in the email and we'll send a code to your phone which you can use to create your password for My O2 Business Then you're all ready to go.

The' Welcome to My O2 Business' email hasn’t arrived?

If the email hasn’t arrived within a few hours, check your spam folder. 

If the email has arrived but 24 hours has passed and the link has expired, request a new validation e-mail via

If however the email has arrived, but 24 hours has not passed, then it’s possible that as with other customers’ firewalls, the infrastructure performs security checks against inbound emails which emulate clicking the link, which then sets the link to an expired state, before the actual user gets to click the link. 

To counteract this, ‘O2 Mail’ needs to be whitelisted in the company firewall settings, and email scanning software settings may need to be amended, to disable that check on emails from ‘O2 Mail’. 

Then request a new email from the My O2 Business login page

How do I search for a user or number?
  • When you look at your bill in the Bill analyser, the panel on the left side of the screen shows your level of access to your billing account.

    If you know where to find the user, click on the + sign next to that level and scroll down to find them.

    If you see the message Please use search options:

  • Use the scroll bar at the bottom to scroll to the right and click on the magnifying glass to reveal the search panel
  • Use the arrow in the drop-down arrow in the Search For box to choose a name or phone number – you can use '%' as a wildcard (all potential users will be shown)
  • Use the drop-down arrow in the Search Level field to select the level you wish to search – Corporate, Account or Subscription. To find a mobile or fixed line number, click on Subscription
  • Click Go (you can use the back arrow at the top of the search panel to go back)
The information I'm expecting isn't there, why not?

In Bill analyser, you may be looking at the wrong level in your account structure. Go to the summary screen on the Account management tab and check you've selected the correct level.

In My Account, depending on how your account has been set up on our system, you may need a special licence to be able to view the whole group in My Account. If you can’t see all of your subscriptions, get in touch with your usual O2 Business contact who can arrange the licence for you.

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My O2 Business

My O2 Business

Manage your account and check your bill.

My O2 Business

My O2 Business

Manage your account and check your bill.