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We listened carefully to your My O2 Business feedback , and we’re pleased to  bring you a variety of improvements. 

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What’s improved?

We’ve enhanced the online experience across My O2 Business, meaning you can enjoy a smoother, more intuitive journey.


•    Roll-over consistency. Any rolled-over allowance is now displayed in Subscription, Account, Corporate and Group

•    Allowances displayed  are relevant to the subscriptions within it For example, if a company has shared allowances, but one of the accounts has subscriptions that don’t have these bundles assigned, then it won’t display at the account level.

•    Allowance grouping. Allowances are now split into more meaningful categories.
Previously, all bundles were put together into high-level allowance types (for example, data, minutes and texts), but you may have had a Rest of World (RoW) Bundle and a Domestic Bundle. Those bundles are now classified  separately. For example, RoW Data, Domestic and EU Data and RoW Minutes

Allowances interactive demo

Unbilled Spend Summary Report

•    If a subscriber is disconnected and has received their final invoice, they won’t be displayed in the report
•    If a subscriber is disconnected and is yet to receive their final invoice, they will be displayed in the report
•    All non-disconnected subscribers should still appear on the report as before

Billing Summary Report

•    Large reports are now available in csv format
•    The order of the billing summary section has changed so that voice appears first 

Multiple Reports

The number of reporting can be changed from KB to MB, up to decimal places. This change impacts:
•    Billing Summary Report
•    Calls by type
•    Cost breakdown by subscription type
•    Data usage
•    Flex Plan Billing Summary
•    Itemised calls
•    Top dialled by frequency
•    Top dialled by value
•    Usage summary by number

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