Security and passwords

Your account and billing data are protected by some of the most sophisticated online security and encryption systems available. If you’ve forgotten your password, go to My O2 Business, click ‘sign in’ and then ‘forgotten your username or password’. Then just follow the steps to retrieve your forgotten details. 

Note: It isn’t possible to reset the password for another user in your business.

How do I know which role to give to a user?

You can give an administrator role if:

  • You want them to be able to add and manage users on the system
  • You want them to have full access to every feature available for the account. 

You can give an end user role if:

  • You want them to be able to see their own phone number.

How can other people in my company get access to My O2 Business?

Anyone in your company can have access to My O2 Business. Everyone using Bill Analyser, or My Account needs to be registered as a My O2 Business user with their own username and password.

You can give someone access to just Bill Analyser, just My Account, or both – depending on what level of access they need, and you want to give.

If you’re an administrator, you’ll have access to the ‘Administration’ tab and will be able to create new users.

How to add a new user in My Account:

Sign in to My O2 Business and go to My Account Select ‘Manage Users’ from the top navigation Select ‘Create new user’


To edit an existing user, go to ‘Manage Users’ in the top navigation and edit the required fields.

If you’re not already signed up to My O2 Business, you’ll need to ask your company administrator to register you.

  • Enter the new user details and assign a mobile number on the account (usually their own number on your account)
  • Click ‘Select’ then ‘Add selected’
  • Finally, click ‘Submit’.

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