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Manage security on Bill Analyser

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Security and passwords

Your billing data is protected by some of the most sophisticated online security and encryption systems available. As an administrator, you can set passwords for yourself and other users in the My O2 Business Bill analyser.

How do I reset a user’s password if they're locked out?

You'll need to be an administrator to reset passwords for other users.

  • Sign in to My O2 Business and choose Bill analyser. On the Administration tab, select User administration and find the user name (if there are a lot of users on your account, use the search box on the top right hand side of the screen).
  • When you've found the user, click on Options, then Edit.
  • Click Reset password in the pop-up box and we'll email the new password directly to the user.

If you're an administrator and have locked yourself out, you’ll need to get in touch with your usual O2 Business contact.

What happens if a user forgets their password or ID?

The user’s ID is always their email address.

  • As a user you can reset your own password from the My O2 Business sign in page by clicking Forgotten your password?
  • We’ll ask you to enter your user ID and answer a security question. Then we'll automatically send you a new password within a few seconds.
How long is a password valid for?

We’ll ask you to change your password every 90 days.

How do I know which role to give to a user?

Generally you should give people administrator roles if you want them to be able to add and manage users on the system. Others should receive end user roles.

How can other people in my company get access to the bill analyser?

Anyone using the Bill analyser needs to be registered as a My O2 Business user with their own user name and password.

If you’re an administrator, you’ll have access to the Administration tab and be able to create new users (see How do I add a new user?).

If not, you’ll need to ask your company administrator to register you.

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My O2 Business

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My O2 Business

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