Messaging Services

An immediate and engaging way to keep in touch

Reach your audience wherever they are

98% of text messages get read. And 90% of those in three minutes (Frost & Sullivan).

Why? Because most people carry their mobiles with them.

Messaging Services from O2 gives you a fast, engaging and cost-effective way to communicate using a range of digital messaging formats: SMS, MMS, voice or in-app.

  • Speed up communications: Updates, special offers and coupons, crisis and emergency alerts are sent quickly to individuals and groups
  • Increase engagement: Manage orders, information requests, feedback, issues and customer surveys efficiently
  • Improve effectiveness:
    • use text alongside other channels: convert undelivered SMS to email or to voice to increase delivery
    • be responsive: configure inbound messages to automatically generate a call from your contact centre
  • Measure results: Easy to track and evaluate with online dashboard and reporting
  • Reduce costs: Spend less time on mailing and calling

Our specialist messaging team processes over 45 million messages every month. We work with five of the largest UK High Street banks. And we use text messages to delight our own customers too. Read more in our Messaging Services story.

Messaging Services could be a huge opportunity for your organisation. We'll advise you on all aspects of setting up communications, from which channels will work best, to how to integrate Messaging Services with your existing systems and processes. And, if you'd like to outsource the work of running your messaging campaigns, we can do that too.

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