Spatial insights

Delivers actionable insights around customer movement and flow to improve the customer experience

Accurate customer insights from any space

Spatial Insights uses video analytics and Artificial Intelligence to provide a slick and efficient experience for customers in retail stores, leisure venues, transport hubs and other public spaces. 
Delivers actionable real time and historical insights around customer movement and flow, enabling businesses to make informed decisions around space and capacity management. It can also help improve customer experience and support staff productivity and efficiency by reducing service and transaction times, and by monitoring queue lengths, dwell times and conversion rates on certain products – and can be used to monitor social distancing and the use of face coverings.
Spatial Insights captures privacy-protected analytics from existing CCTV cameras, without the use of facial recognition. All insights are delivered in an anonymised way with all personal identifiable information being stripped out of the analysis at source. All data is processed on premise and is then encrypted and anonymised, therefore ensuring it is completely GDPR compliant and that no personal identifiable information is ever stored.

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Why choose Spatial insights?

Create a slick and efficient customer experience

Uses video analytics and Artificial Intelligence to optimise customer experience in retail stores, venues and other public spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Real time and historical insights

Analyse the flow and movement of people within an environment to optimise workflow, and use occupancy monitoring to assess efficient usage of space.

Anonymised AI-driven demographic insights

Gives businesses a better understanding of their customers, so they can offer a more customised experience.

Interaction analysis

Understand how customers interact with different products and services to help increase personalsiation and conversion.

Wide range of use cases

Footfall counting, dwell time, staff and customer engagement, conversions.

GDPR compliance built in

Completely GDPR compliant with no personal identifiable information ever stored.



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Enterprise and Public sector