Unified Comms

Simple, flexible and cost-effective communications

Unify your communications

We all love technology. But not if it gets in the way of how we work. So we’re making it easier to unify your communications and ensure your people can collaborate, and stay productive, from anywhere.

Unified communications goes beyond traditional communications. It helps your people collaborate and work flexibly, with tools like instant messaging and conferencing on any device – even their own. 

And it’s easy to manage. With one supplier, a single end-to-end SLA and a dedicated point of contact to deal with, there’s less for you to worry about.

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Why choose O2?

Keep it simple

Get a single platform for your fixed, mobile, voice and data

Cut the complexity

Reduce your multiple suppliers down to one, with a single SLA.

Bring it all together

We can help you move from fixed telephony to UC.

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