Connecting people with the information they need

Connecting employees, customers and communities

Applications connect everyone to the right information, when they want it. Stay connected and increase productivity. Improve customer service. Drive the innovation that will help to grow your organisation.

As our recent report shows, there's a wealth of untapped productivity and innovation waiting to be unlocked within British organisations. Apps are one of the key technologies that can drive new growth and create new efficiencies.

We'll provide off-the-shelf or bespoke solutions to mobilise your organisation, helping your teams to share, manage and collaborate on their most important content from anywhere, on any device. A great example of one of our apps is Box from O2, which boosts collaboration and offers granular levels of control, customisaton and access. It's a secure content management and collaboration platform. It's so safe, in fact, that the Cabinet Office has approved it to hold official government data.

Or there's O2 Just Call Me. Simply use your mobile number for conference calls. No need for passwords or pin codes, people just call your number. It comes with International low cost dial in and All-hands capability for large audiences. More information and pricing here.

Our next-generation Mobile Application Platform uses cloud technology to simplify the development, deployment and management of all your mobile apps. And hosting them in the cloud brings big benefits. Roll-out and adaptations are faster and cheaper. Support costs are lower.

Our experts will work with you to select the best approach for your organisation, developing the architecture and integrating the apps with your backend systems, even across multiple devices and operating systems. And they'll help you support your users and look after your app management and reporting.

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