Improving connectivity and innovation

Embracing new technologies, innovation and insight

A platform for more connected construction 

The construction industry is facing pressures from all sides: squeezed margins, changing regulations, a skills shortage and political and economic uncertainties. 

Much is made of how new and emerging technologies – drones, AI, VR, 3D printing etc – could help constructors forge a profitable future. 

But the right platform is needed first. O2’s dedicated construction team can help you put the right connectivity infrastructure in place, so you’ll be ready to adopt the innovations that are right for you – when the time is right.

We’ll help you:

  • Bring together your fixed, mobile, voice and data services on a single platform, O2 Gateway, to help you reduce supplier costs and get new sites connected quickly
  • Equip your people with digital devices, tools and unified communications so they can collaborate better, get more done on site and feel safer when working alone
  • Deploy smart sensors on your vehicles and plant to monitor performance, predict maintenance requirements and ensure safety and compliance checks are complete
  • Identify the right innovations and insights to transform how you work via our start-up accelerator programme, Wayra, and our big data unit, LUCA

If you’d like to know more about how O2’s solutions for construction, take a look through the resources on this page or give us a call on 01235 433507