Connectivity that scales as you do

Flexible voice and data across all your sites

Every employee in the construction industry saves around £70,000 a year by using mobile devices, according to YouGov. Multiply that figure by the industry's total workforce, and you're talking big numbers.

Scalability, real-time management and flexibility are at the heart of every construction project. Site managers need to keep in touch with contractors and suppliers, geographically spread teams require access to business systems, and resources need to be reallocated as plans change.

We invest heavily in R&D to create solutions that match your priorities. We're able to provide your sites with enterprise-grade connectivity and provide instant tracking and diagnostics of your plant. Our cloud-based services can scale in an instant and give you power on demand. Flexing with your needs and responding to spikes in demand.

We're also in the business of making things simple. O2 Gateway brings all of our mobile, fixed-line and wifi networks together as a single platform. Allowing you to choose and then scale any of our solutions across your business quickly.

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