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O2 Smart Vehicle

Transform fleet safety and efficiency with O2 Smart Vehicle. Making industry-leading vehicle telematics easily accessible for fleet managers and vehicle leasing companies. 

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Transparency, insight and control for your fleet

O2 Smart Vehicle, powered by Geotab, is a breakthrough for fleet managers. In the average fleet, O2 Smart Vehicle can save:

  • up to 15% of fuel costs by optimising routes and improving driver behaviour
  • up to 14% of maintenance and repair costs using advanced telematics
  • up to £545 per day in lost profits by reducing unscheduled maintenance. 

At the heart of O2 Smart Vehicle is a simple OBD-II plug and play device that transmits vehicle and driver information, in real time. 

You can view this data in an intuitive online management portal; or stream it into your business systems via API. You’ll get real-time visibility of the essential insights you need to make faster, more informed decisions about your fleet.

Our O2 Smart Vehicle experts will help you get up and running quickly and easily. Plus you’ll benefit from our market-leading European connectivity as standard in your fixed monthly subscription.

For fleet managers


  • Better manage your fleet with complete, real-time visibility of every vehicle and driver. 
  • Keep your fleet on the road using real-time data that enables predictive maintenance schedules. 
  • Avoid leasing penalties by preventing over-mileage, and maintain an accurate view of vehicle residuals. 
  • Validate overtime working up to 30% more accurately.
  • Improve vehicle and driver productivity by up to 10%.
  • Reduce repair and maintenance costs by up to 14% with predictive, preventative maintenance. 
  • Cut CO2 emissions by as much as 15% with accurate vehicle monitoring and modelling.

For vehicle leasing 


  • Deliver proactive customer service by easily calculating residual prices and over-mileage. 
  • Make it simple to comply with customer contracts by making sure services are completed on time. 
  • Create profitable new business models by selling fleet management to your fleet customers.
  • Improve vehicle productivity by up to 10%.
  • Utilise vehicles more efficiently to maximise the earning power of every asset. 
  • Reduce repair and maintenance costs by up to 14% with predictive, preventative maintenance.



The efficient way to optimise your fleet

Get started easily Adopt proactive, preventative maintenance Improve driver behaviour
It’s simple to self-install the OBD-II device, with no need for a specialist engineer, to keep costs down. It works seamlessly on all UK networks and 28 countries in Europe, for complete flexibility. Remotely identify and fix issues long before minor problems turn into major ones. Minimise roadside breakdowns, while protecting drivers from poorly-maintained vehicles.     Monitor driving styles in real time, and use in-vehicle coaching to fix bad habits like aggressive acceleration and braking. This reduces vehicle wear and tear, and cuts fuel costs.  
Enjoy second-by-second visibility Take control of servicing Increase productivity by up to 10%
Get real-time data on true vehicle mileage, location, engine trouble codes, driver behaviour, fuel and oil levels, seat belt use and much more. Increasing business productivity, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Remotely monitor mileage to improve vehicle residuals and meet service intervals. Keep track of vehicle and engine information to quickly fix any problems. Make smarter choices about vehicles and drivers, using the best or nearest vehicle for every job. Plan smarter shift patterns, doing more on every round in-line with customers’ requirements.
Cut overheads
Gain the insights to drive down fuel spend, mileage reporting, idling times and overtime claims. Reduce insurance premiums by up to 10% and accident frequencies by up to 55%.


“The O2 solution is unique… no one else could get that detailed information from on-board diagnostics about how vehicles are performing on a day-to-day basis.”


Tom Lindup, Group Managing Director, Van Elle

Industry-leading vehicle telematics technology


O2 Smart Vehicle powered by Geotab offers the most comprehensive database of reverse-engineered motor 
manufacturer diagnostics codes, from the best-in-class provider for OBD-II telematics. 


Get real-time visibility of each vehicle’s health, so you can take tighter control of your fleet. 


Don’t just take our word for it. With one million OBD-II devices deployed worldwide, you can choose this proven technology with confidence. 


Make telematics easy with O2 


Choose O2 Smart Vehicle, and we’ll help make sure you’re up and running quickly, without the hassle of sourcing or managing individual suppliers.  


Your Account Manager will make sure you get the results you need from your investment, and help you scale as your business grows. 


And with a complete portfolio of business services to take advantage of,  we’ll help your business explore some of today’s most exciting and powerful technology innovations.