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IoT made easy

It’s easy to achieve your goals when you take the complexity out of IoT, with O2. - take the complexity out of IoT with O2 | iot | business

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Demystify IoT

Internet of things technology is bursting with potential. Experts predict that by 2020, the global IoT market will be worth almost half a trillion dollars, and growing at almost 30%. Behind these headline-grabbing stats, IoT is creating opportunities to improve lives, businesses and communities in entirely new ways.

Like to really understand – in simple terms – how the same technology can help your organisation solve its biggest challenges and achieve its most ambitious goals? 

Then let O2 demystify IoT for you.

We’ll get to know your aspirations. We’ll show you what’s possible. We’ll advise you on building a business case for your investment. Then we’ll deploy your tailor-made IoT solution, working with our industry-leading partners where appropriate to make sure you achieve the best result.

By offering a complete range of IoT products, services and solutions – hardware, connectivity, data, analytics and insights, we’ll quickly turn your IoT ideas into business value. 

O2 IoT solutions


Get the IoT working for you

Because our IoT solutions are delivered as services, you’re spared the hassle of deploying, integrating and managing your IoT technology.

IoT made easy Committed to you With you on your journey
Because our IoT solutions are delivered as services, you’re spared the hassle of deploying, integrating and managing your IoT technology.  Our IoT experts stand apart for their determination to deliver the best solution for your business. They’ll work harder than anyone to help you understand what’s possible with IoT technology.. The breadth and agility of our IoT offer means we’ll support you as your IoT journey evolves, making it quick and easy to seize new opportunities. 
Inspiring confidence
Our support makes sure your IoT solutions and services deliver peak performance all day, every day. Industry-leading security means you and your customers’ data stays confidential.

IoT connectivity taken care of 

It’s easy to get better results from your IoT solution with our secure, resilient and easy-to-manage connectivity services. Choosing the right connectivity solution has the power to transform the impact of your IoT innovations. You’ll get simpler management, improved control, richer insights, and a greater return on your investment.


With our easy-to-deploy managed IoT connectivity services, it’s quick and straightforward to get up and running on our award winning network.