How O2 is transforming the private sector


We help people work smarter by making routine tasks faster, simpler and more efficient. Technology is easier. Supported by our specialist sector teams, our ICT solutions go far beyond mobile phones. They include ways to better serve your customers, increase your automation and telematics, scale via the cloud and improve how your people collaborate.

Business agility is key for our customers, so our transparent tariffs help you control costs and flex to meet your needs. And our fixed, mobile and wifi networks work across a single integrated platform that's entirely managed by us, which means we can provide you with converged access to multiple services, both on and off your premises.

We were proud to be the first network operator to achieve the governments CAS(T) security certification for our WAN, mobile and wifi infrastructures. Since the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) no longer supports or maintains the CAS(T) audit process, we’ll be making sure we are compliant to the ISO27001 standards.

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