Knowledge, experience and technology for your sector

Public Sector

We help our public sector customers to tackle some of their toughest challenges by putting digital services at the heart of every solution. Talk to us about using technology to engage more closely with citizens and communities and find new ways of working.

Retail and Leisure

Engaging consumers is complex. But we can make it easier. Our retail experts will help you identify trends and habits to define the best technology solutions for your organisation. So you can deliver the service that your customers want, making them happier and more loyal.

Travel and Transport

Give people a better experience. From keeping passengers informed and connected, to empowering and protecting your employees. Whether you're a transport operator or a fleet manager, we have the expertise you need to develop and grow your organisation

Business Services

We help boost productivity and cash savings for all types of business, including facilities, manufacturing and engineering firms. We help them become more efficient and keep their customers happier – regardless of where their people operate from.

Finance and Professional Services

We know what it takes to keep customers loyal – we’ve got over 24 million of them ourselves. Our secure digital services can help you stay compliant, serve your customers better and deliver straight to your bottom line.


Every employee in the construction industry saves around £70,000 a year by using mobile devices, according to YouGov. We’re able to provide robust and secure solutions like instant tracking and diagnostics of your plant, which can scale with your business.