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Flex Plan

A data tariff that flexes to fit your business needs

Ready to flex with your business

With more ability to work from anywhere, our data use is probably changing too. We’ve introduced Flex Plan so you don’t have to worry about unexpected data charges from individual spikes in usage.

And we’ll keep it simple with a shared data bundle. If you grow or shrink your team, you’ll always be on the right tariff.

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Why choose Flex Plan?

Flexibility and control

With a choice of three plans, you’ll have flexibility and control should your needs change during your contract period and your data usage go up or down.

Say goodbye to out-of-bundle data charges

If you go over or under your combined data allowance for two months in a row, we’ll move you to a tier that’s better suited to your needs and won’t charge for any individual spikes in data usage.

Get a shared data bundle

If your business changes, your allowance will also grow and shrink with the number of people on your plan. And if you commit to more data per month you’ll get a better price per GB.

Understand your usage

With our online reporting tool, you can get the information you need when you need it, helping you understand your people’s data usage.

Award-winning network

We’re proud to be independently recognised year after year for the strength, coverage and reliability of our network for businesses.


Not knowing what your data usage will be 12-months time may feel a little daunting. With Flex Plan you know you’ll always be on the right tariff for your organisation.

Flex Plan options

We’ll recommend the one that best fits your organisation.

Flex Plan

Flex Plan gives you the control and flexibility should your needs change during the contract period. Your data allowance will flex up and down with your changing data usage (from 0.5GB up to 10GB per user).

Flex Plan 2

This is highly recommended if your organisation is regularly using mobile devices. You’ll get a better price per GB when you commit to a minimum of 2GB per user per month.

Your plan will continue to flex up and down giving you control and flexibility (to a minimum data allowance per user of 2GB).

Flex Plan 5

Flex Plan 5 is perfect for you if you know you’ll have a high mobile data usage and probably won’t often go below 5GB per user per month. You’ll get a better price on the cost per GB.

Your plan will continue to flex up and down (to a minimum data allowance per user of 5GB).

A little bit more info

Not sure which plan to choose?

Our handy guide will provide all the information you need.

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