Business Sharer tariffs

Share your data allowance among your employees

Manage your data easily

Some employees will use more data than others. With our sharer tariffs, you won’t have to be on top of who’s using what.

Share a pot of data between all your people, making it more cost effective and easier to manage.

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Why choose a sharer tariff?

Data rollover

We’ll roll your data over if you haven’t used it, helping you iron out the peaks and troughs in your data demand.

Get flexibility

Need more connections? No problem. Just add or remove them whenever you need to. Your tariff can flex as your business changes.

Spread the cost of devices

We can set up a hardware fund for you, so you can spread the cost of your devices and only get a new one when you need it.

Calling abroad

Buy individual and shared international minutes for the countries and regions you call most often.

Cost effective roaming

Add roaming to your plan and only pay upfront for the countries or regions you travel to the most.

Get simple, clear invoices

We’ll split out the VAT for you. And with everyone on the same bill, it’ll be easy to manage your accounts every month.